My Goldfish Ate My Cat!

By Young Author with AS, Alexandre Beaulieu Lynch
Provided by: Elyse Bruce Newsletter
Midnight In Chicago
July 2008

My Goldfish Ate My Cat! By Young Author with AS, Alexandre Beaulieu Lynch

Alexandre Beaulieu Lynch is an 11-year-old author who is making a difference in the lives of others.

Like many children his age, Alexandre likes to have fun. He loves to snowboard, wall climb and train his dog Bo.

Despite his many challenges -- one of them being diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome -- Alexandre created an exciting children's book 'My Goldfish Ate My Cat!' that was released on April 19 of this year.

Being autistic, he realizes how challenging it can be to live with this condition. Alexandre wants to bring hope to the lives of other autistic children.

Karen Phillips, Program Director of the Autism Society of Edmonton Area, says this about Alexandre's book: "My Goldfish Ate My Cat is a delightful and outrageous tale. Alexandre Beaulieu Lynch, the author, an eleven year old boy, demonstrates some of the strengths of children with Asperger Syndrome -- creativity and a unique perspective on the world. The story and bold illustrations will bring joy to children and parents alike."

One dollar from each book sold is being donated by Alexandre to the Autism Society of Edmonton Area. For more information visit

The book "My Goldfish Ate My Cat!" has been featured in the July newsletter of Midnight In Chicago. Experts on Autism such as Dr. Tony Attwood write and speak in this newsletter. To listen to free podcasts visit