How to Make Mindful Eating a Way of Life

by Chantal Beaulieu Lynch

We are what we eat.

We often hear the saying We are what we eat. This is true. We need to make wise choices in what we eat. The more "alive" our food, the more "alive" we will feel. For example, choosing an apple (live food) over a fruit roll up or fresh vegetables instead of canned or frozen ones.

When to eat?

When we eat has an impact on us. For example eating a heavy meal before bedtime is not conducive to a good night sleep and eating when we are angry or upset won't help our digestion. Do we eat at regular times or do we snack through the day?

Where do we eat?

Where we eat needs to be taken into account. Eating as we are driving in rush hour traffic is not what I would call mindful eating.

How we eat?

The way we eat also has an impact on us. Do we gobble down our food or are we chewing and appreciating each bit?

Why do we eat?

Are we eating because we are hungry or are we eating out of habit? Are we eating because we are bored or feel lonely? Food is not meant only for survival, we can enjoy a good meal in company of friends and family. Eating a meal can be a delightful experience when done in a mindful way.